Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 2

Today was such a laid back day. It was nice to be able to throw on some old blue jean shorts & my pink ladies tshirt, rock a ponytail, and flip flops. I love lazy days.I spent some quality time with my momma and nanny. I forgot how much I love gossiping with those two. :) Momma and I ran some errands and came home and just chilled. Spent some time with Dub and now I am packing for Gatlinburg. (Okay, really I am pretending to pack and really updating this, but shhhh.)

I did happen to go outside and get some shots of some things around the farm, but the cows started getting angry at the sounds & lights the Nikon does and comenced insessant mooing.

The mother just came in and gave me the "You lied" face. I better get to packing.

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