Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 3

I am SO exhausted. These past few days of not sleeping much is finally catching up with me. This morning before leaving to go do stuff, I worked on a new thing. If you read my photography blog, you know I've finally learned how to brighten eyes:

It's a method I haven't mastered, but I'm getting better. I think the lack of sleep is obvious in my eyes.

Nevertheless, I did happen to get some pictures today. Nothing really special. We went into Gatlinburg and had some fun. Mom & Ricky had me taking pictures galore!

This is for Bran. I almost bought this for you, but it was nearly $30. I love you, but not $30 I love you. Maybe at Christmas. For now, you can settle for a picture and being mentioned in my blog.

I love Aunt Mahalia's candy shop! Hint hint Evelyn, the part of your present (that I have) came from here.
If this isn't one of the BIGGEST coincidences. Ever. My Pa calls me "CC". I play softball. And 18 is exactly double my softball number. (Okay, now I'm just *looking* for coincidences.)

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