Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 44 - Happy Labor Day!

So last night, while at Boomsday I received a call from my dad wanting me to come home and spend some time with the family for Labor Day. I have to say I wasn't excited about making that drive at about 11 PM, but it was so worth it today!

We had a little cookout at my house and most of the family was there. Heck, I even got to see my first ice cream truck. (=

The grill was going, people were playing cornhole & basketball, adults & teenagers were sitting around talking. The kids were in the freezing pool. (Ok, maybe I was too.) They were splashing around and role playing and using the floats as houses/boats, etc. Then I had a revelation.

Only a few years over a decade ago, that was us. That was Corey, Joshua, Trent, Seth, Kandice, Chelsea, neighborhood kids, and myself. It's crazy how much we've grown up. Corey is about to be a dad. Joshua has been through so much this year with his AVM. Trent is a senior in high school. Seth is a freshman. Kandice is awaiting her second daughter. Chelsea is a momma and in pharmacy tech school. And myself - I'm a broke college sophomore.

Where did it all go? We grew up too fast. This is the time we all thought would never come. When we didn't have to answer to noone and could do what we wanted. Little did we know that orders from our parents would turn into orders from our bosses. Not doing high school homework would later be skipping our morning classes in college. These are the years we were awaiting, and now we're watching our own kids and smaller siblings & cousins enjoy the freedom of childhood.

As bittersweet as growing up is, it has to be done. But I'll forever cherish my childhood. Now that I'm older, I know how crucial those events & memories are to a child's development. I can't wait to work with children. I've realized that in order to continue my endevour as a researcher & educator in this field, I have to try to see things from their perspective.

Chelsea's daugher, Jaylie.
My baby sister, Jaedyn Brooke.

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