Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 53

September 15, 2007. Saturday. The night before had been a football game in Red Boiling Springs, TN. (I think.) A friend of mine had returned to Middle Tennessee from Freed-Hardeman University to spend the weekend at home. I was in the drum line and he sat with the throughout the whole game. It was spent fighting over a UT Vols hat. Actually, it was a very smelly Vols hat, but that made it more fun. Saturday was full of texting about old band times, what had torn our friendship apart while I was dating Josh, and about college. Sunday would hold that one amazing question that I had waited for years to hear.

Tomorrow is mine and Jw's anniversary. I'm so blessed. After what I had been through with Josh, I was doubting God so much. I thought he'd forgotten me. I should've known that he doesn't let his children suffer. HE is writing my story, romance section and all.

I am not normally a mushy person, but there's no words that I could think of that describe my relationship with Jw. Our relationship isn't just between us. I try so much to make sure I include God in our relationship, because I know that without Him in every aspect in my life, everything I do will undoubtedly fail.

I just love him so much. Thank you, Lord. Thank you so much.

I was feeling super emotional tonight and took some pictures of my promise ring. I've had it a couple years and only bothered to clean it once, so it's a little dingy looking, but still so full of meaning.

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