Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 67

(The 'old' house had the best hiding spots.)

Sneaking up Minnie's steps when Nanny wasn't watching.
(Well, when we thought she wasn't watching. Nannies always watch.)

Our "hangout" by the old house next door.
(That house isn't there anymore, much to my dislike.)

Raking Minnie's leaves.
(Josh and I should do that again. For old time's sake.)

Building forts in the living room with blankets, couch cushions, and dining chairs.
(Josh and Corey were the better architects. And destroyers of forts.)

One of the scariest [or funniest] houses on October 31st.
(Still my favorite part about Halloween.)

Making some of the best memories I'll ever have of my childhood.
(Why did it take me till now to see this?)

Being close enough to walk to her house after school every day.
(Now we probably don't go enough.)

Coming in to see someone else who my wonderful grandmother had taken in.
(We lost one of them today.)

As you saw in my last post, I came home from college to be with my family. My uncle passed away before my daddy and I could make it to the hospital this morning. Uncle Jeff was in so much pain, but had found peace. As my family used to say "The boy never gets in a hurry for anything."

If there's one thing he ever actually "ready" for, it was to meet his Father in Heaven.

Nanny's House just won't be the same Nanny's House anymore.

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