Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 148

I started out today a little miffed.
And pretty much stayed that way all day.

Jw didn't show up for church with me today. Strike one.
He didn't answer any of my calls. Strike two.
He didn't come take christmas pictures with me like he was supposed to. Strike three.
He never came to momma's. Strike four.
(What can I say? I love him enough to give him infinite strikes.)
He had a flat tire. -4 strikes.

I'm a horrible girlfriend.
At least now he's going shopping with me tomorrow, once he gets ALL NEW tires.

Anyway, today was Christmas at Ma's (Ricky's momma). It was packed as usual, with tons of screaming kids around. [It makes me question my major, sometimes.] But when Ma opened her gift from us, she was sooo happy. It was a beautiful red peacoat. Red is ma's favorite.

This was my only photo again today! I really need to work on having at least my nikon with me just in case, but that's pretty hard because you never know where you'll be when an opportunity arises to take a photo. =/

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