Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 149

This morning I slept way longer than I had originally planned. I had wanted to wake up around 9 am, shower, get ready, and leave the house by 10-10:30 am to go shopping. Thanks to some really crappy luck on Jw's part, I didn't get to leave Cookeville for Lebanon/Mt. Juliet until about 4:45 pm. At least I had some fun with the bathroom mirror.

When we did manage to make it to Lebanon, let's say I went a little haywire. I spent all of this week's paycheck, my Christmas bonus, and about 75% of my tips from 3 days of waitressing. BUT, I did manage to get ALL the gifts I needed except 2.

Look at him being such a good little bag holder boyfriend.

This was us at Walmart before I dropped him off back at his truck. Sorry for that little lens flare there. Not sure why that happened...

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