Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 179

I've been bitten by the organization bug.
I think it happened in middle school. I was called messy by my parents, but among my friends, I was THE most organized. Everything always had its place. I remember I used to hate it when I'd come back from Daddy's on Sundays to see that Momma had "cleaned" my room, and I knew where NOTHING was. So in the next day or two, I'd put everything where I thought it should be. (Needless to say, two weeks later she reorganized it her way.)

The good thing is, this has carried on to college. I'm super duper organized now. With items, that is. With time, forget it

Jw laughed at this. Not only did I make flash cards (*snikker* I'm falling into a generalization here), but I color coded my flash cards.

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