Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Expanding the Family!

I have a huge family. And we're not talking just biological family here (though I have one of those too.) There's a lot of people that I call "family" that share nearly no DNA with me. Kandice & Corey happen to be two of those people. 

I always loved Kandice. She was the one around when I actually wanted to be girly. I can remember coming to spend the night with her at her old house in "Tick" and that time she got sun poisoning. She was cool, but the older we got, the more we drifted away. It sucks when you think about it, but she was so much older than me. It was inevitable.

Corey was my "little" cousin who was actually "little" compared to me for only about 6 years. (I'll always be 11 days older than him, no matter how much he wants to change that aspect.) Josh, Corey, and I were the clan. They gave me a hard time, but I had a hard head and half the time I gave them hell two-fold. Those two boys are probably to blame for me being the big tomboy I am now and for at least half (if not all) of the trouble I ever got in at nanny's. Corey was my best friend for a long time and helped me through some pretty rough emotional things, even though he always had worse things going on that I did.

Kandice and Corey are siblings. Who had babies within 2 days of each other.

MaKenna Addilai Roland 
7lb 8oz     20 inches long
Congratulations Kandice and Mikey!

Charles Ross Stafford
6lb 10oz     19 inches long
Congratulations Corey and Roslyn!

They are both so perfect. I can't wait to come home and hold them!

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