Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Fun! (What I'm Loving & Wee Bit)

It's Wednesday! That means it's time to tell you what's currently making my life lovely. Head on over to This Kind Of Love to see what it's all about!

{1} I'm loving... that this long week is HALF over.

{2} I'm loving... the Chicken Carbonara signature sub from Quiznos.
Even though I asked for no mushrooms, I'll be danged if it didn't have more mushrooms than chicken.

{3} I'm loving... LOLsims. Remember LOLdogs and LOLcats? I never really cared for the cats, but the dogs were pretty hysterical. Well, Sim nerds like myself have decided it's time to start making our sims speak English (although most of us are pretty fluent in Simlish.)
*wipes tear from eye*
I'm going to start collecting these.
{{And seriously, if you don't get that last one, you need to play the Sims.}}
Wait, one more.
Because this has TOTALLY never happened to me...

{4} I'm loving...  that I have beasted all my exams recently! And I'm only an Adolescent Development exam and Spanish composition away from a {long} weekend!

{5} I'm loving... that I met my camper for Camp K! She is just the sweetest girl. It's going to be a challenge, but I'm looking forward to that week with her.

{6} I'm loving... my wonderful boyfriend, as always!

{one} do you always wear your seatbelt in the car?
Always. Most of the time I don't even start my car until I have it on. I don't even have to think about it. I blame my momma and nanny for that (good) habit.

{two} do you crack your knuckles?
I have two or three fingers on my right hand that can pop loud. I didn't develop that until I started pitching. So I can't blame it on old age. I was pitching at 10 years old...

{three} what is your favorite flavor of gum?

{four} what is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?
I have two or three. My promise ring from Jw. My "baby" ring that momma has put up. And the earrings that my daddy got his grandma when he was little. Those aren't mine yet, though.

{five} who is your best friend?
Brandi LaNae without a doubt.
Freshman year of high school. Oh how I hated that photo. Look at those bangs we're both rockin'. At least mine were in the PROCESS of growing out. And those braces. Ugh. Brandi got lucky and already had hers off at this point.

{six} what is your favorite smell?
Fresh Cut Grass. Fresh mulch. And gasoline.
Nope, no candles for me! Hahaha.

{seven} what is your favorite lunch meat?
Just plain ol' ham. And I even enjoy a thick slice of bologna. (That thin stuff is disgusting...)

{eight} do you still have your tonsils?
Nope! I said bye-bye to those over a decade ago.

{nine} do you untie your shoes before you take them off?
Almost always because I feel like it streches the laces out faster if I don't. The only ones I don't untie evey time are my work shoes and usually that's because I'm so tired that i just plop down on my bed and use the opposite foot to get the shoes off....

{ten} what color is your car?

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Jesslyn Amber said...

Hahaha! Ok, so I'm a Sim Nerd. And those pictures are hilarious. I miss playing the Sims!!!