Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hot Vliggity Vlog on Vednesday

On Paper Mama's blog today, I ran across a vlog of interest. She is vlogging about three questions prompted on 80mph Mom and she invited us to join in on the fun! I thought I'd give it a try. Sorry it's so blurry. Dell Webcam Central sucks and I will be recording straight to Youtube from now on.
  1. What is blooming in my yard
  2. What I think of the American Idol judges
  3. Something that happened within the last week


I'm fidgety. I was nervous. And I got totally personal at the end of the video, but I got to rambling. Those two things are the only big events that happened to me in the past week. How sad is that?!

Click here to watch Chelsey's video and link up!

1 comment:

Tracy Stage said...

I love your vlog! I am totally going to have to do one now! :]