Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wanna Know What's in my Purse?

Of course you do!
I saw this (for the second time) on Krystal's blog today and thought I'd give it a shot.
I was very shocked, to say the least, at how great my purse was actually very organized.

Exhibit A : Cutie patootie Vera Bradley Villager Tote in Very Berry Paisley.

Exhibit B : adorable little VB Turn Lock Wallet in Very Berry Paisley.

(Big thanks for these 2 to Pat! =] )

Envelopes? I keep my tips and miscellaneous money in these.

Elizabeth Arden's Pretty Parfum Spray
($65 value for this tiny bottle. Again, thank you Pat! It smells amazing!)

1. Vitamins
2. Bath & Body Works's Look Ma, New Hands lotion
3. B&BW HandiBac™ Moisturizing Hand Lotion in Twilight Woods
4. B&BW Liplicious Pink Grapefruit Lipgloss (discontinued in stores, I think)
5. Lip gloss holder with mirror (can't find a link)
6. the ever-essential Chapstick
Cute, right?

My nanny got me these for christmas! I carry it everywhere with me because I hate having long nails and I've pretty much stopped biting my nails. Unless I'm nervous. Like at UT Football games...

My annoyingly-full key ring

One of my most prized possessions! Aunt Jackie got me this for Christmas and I love having it on me so I can see all my photos I want!

So, I have to say I laughed at Krystal for having fries in her purse. (Sorry Krys...)
But this is so much worse.
Kudos to whoever guesses what it is...






Deer jerkey.
Go me.

Glad I found it though. It was scrumptous.


Samantha said...

love the "look ma new hands" lotion! i need to get me a new bottle.
Love your bag. it is adorable!!

Courtney said...

Love Vera's Turn Lock Wallet! Your pattern is so cute! And I loveeeee Deer Jerkey! :)