Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 306

I started cleaning out the left portion of the top side in my closet today. (Yes, for all of you that remember this, I do in fact have two portions to my closet. The closet takes up one whole wall of my room and has two sliding doors, yet it doesn't quite open to the whole closet. Spoiled, much?)

Anyway, I stumbled upon this.

And I couldn't resist inserting a game, but first I had to blow in it! Get your mind out of the gutter.

Popular belief among those of us who remember the orignal or super nintendo believed that blowing into a cartridge removed dust from the contacts, which allowed a better connection to the system. Basically, the method went like this:
1) Plug in cartridge, turn on system
2) Curse when system does not work
3) Pull out cartridge, blow
4) Re-seat cartridge, try system again 

And when I blew, tons of dust flew up in my face. No wonder! You can clearly see the settled dust on top of my Snes. Poor thing. Mama's sorry she hasn't played you in about 7 years.

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