Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I've got a bone to pick with you,

Mother Nature.
I'm wearing a jacket. In my house. During spring.

I live in a nearly 30 year old cabin with no central heat/air. And hell will freeze over before this girl gets out of her half warm position to go outside and fetch wood for the fire. Okay, maybe not hell, but my room might.

You see, I live in the Southeast. More specifically, I live on the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee.

Usually I like my little spot on the Cumberland River. Living in Tennessee, you're just asking for 3 wardrobe changes in a day. Especially the area I live in where it can go from a nice 90 degree high one day to a chilly mid-50s the next.

However, these past several days have been just plain ridiculous. As one of my good friends posted on facebook this afternoon:
Mother Nature, I am almost 100% sure you have not checked your calendar. If you would please check it you would realize it is May 17th and it should not be 50 degrees outside!

I understand we'll have other "winters" before summer. Nonetheless, this is the South. In late May. And the highest temperature reached at my house today was 57 with an average somewhere around 53. Dangit, someone needs to tell Mother Nature her mid-life crisis is over and stop sending floods, tornadoes, and unseasonal temperatures to Tennessee!

Gripe, moan, complain. That's all I've done on here for two days now. I make a vow to my readers now that I'll perk up from now on.

It is spring, after all.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Yes, it's been raining here constantly in the WNC Mountains where I live, and I am ready for some warmer weather and sunny days myself! Here's to hoping that Mother Nature finally realizes what month it is!! =P

Tracy Stage said...

I totally agree girl! This weather is absolutely ridiculous...I was wearing sweat pants and a hoodie the other day because I was FREEZING! I am so over it!