Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pretty in Purple Blog Party!

I found this fun little blog party over at Mary Catherine's blog. It's being hosted over at My Mismatched Life. If you want to join in, just head on over to her blog and read this post. Hope to see all my blogger friends having fun with this! I can't wait to read everyone's interview answers!

Favorite thing about summer?
I get to stay home and swim with sis all day.

Twilight fan?
I used to like it a lot more than I do now. I've read all the books and seen all the movies. They aren't as bad as people try to say they are. I have to admit the concept as a whole is stupid, but Meyer isn't too horrible of an author. Read The Host. I can almost guarantee you'll change your mind about her.

Favorite quote?
Psalm 118:14 - I live because he died. Therefore, I praise Him.

Best thing that has ever happened to you?
Talking to Mr. Don Chaffin, then Acts 2:38.

Think of every place in the world possible... which of those places would you go to?
Heaven. But, on Earth, probably Greece. It is a close tie between there and Ireland.

Favorite food?
Easy peasy. Chicken.

What type of music do you like?
Anything. Pick up my ipod and you'll be surprised. My favorites are alternative, Christian, and classic country.

Flipflops, bare feet, heels, or flats?
Since we're talking about summer here, I definitely vote bare feet.

Skirts or jeans?

Fresh or saltwater?
I like saltwater in moderation. I've only been to the beach twice, which I loved. But salt water hurts if you have freshly-shaved legs. Ouch. So, my vote for a regular summer is fresh water. Love being on the lake...

Skittles or M&Ms?
Skittles. I could eat the sour ones until the roof of my mouth bleeds.

Are you a morning person or more of a night person?
I almost typed night person. But usually my nights extend until 5 or 6am. So I suppose I'm both?

So, your best friend is talking to a new girl in school... the new girl asks who you are... what do you think your best friend says?
"Oh Ciara? She goes to UT. And stay away from her if she has a camera in her hand." - Since I'm not in school with my bestie, she usually identifies me to people as a student at UT and a photographer. And lover of anything technology. Brandi embraces my nerdisms. That's why I love her.

Gotta tic?
I used to bite my nails all the time. I've cut down on that a whole lot. I guess my compulsion now is bouncing my feet. If I'm sitting down, I have to be bouncing my feet or legs. And if I'm on the phone, I can't sit still. I have to be pacing the floor, no matter what kind of conversation it is.

Pen or pencil?

Paper or plastic?
Plastic. It doesn't produce as much waste and it saves trees!

pretty on PURPLE blog party!

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