Thursday, June 30, 2011

Change is good, right?

Well, my friends, I hope that I haven't spammed the living heck out of your readers with my P365 posts. Don't worry, there's only 24 days left. And to be honest, I couldn't be happier. I have found my Project 365 to be a huge challenge. There's been some days where I get up, get ready, work a 12 hour shift, come home, eat, shower, and go to bed. (Those have been cell phone picture days, most of which were of myself...) After Day 365, I will not be continuing this project. I'm sure this will be met by a hallelujah chorus.

For my blogoversary, I will be sporting a new name & new layout. Something more mature. The story behind Monkey Business was an inside thing, and my family enjoyed it. It was something special to me, but unfortunately I shared a name with another blog Moske Monkey Business. Their blog originated in the year of 2009, mine in 2010. I had no idea I had done this until about 2 months ago and that's when I decided it was time for something different.

As for my photography, I've realized that I'm very lonely in this hobby. I love to share and learn in forums, but I'm a face-to-face kinda person. I'm one of those people who learn best by teaching others also, and I sort of play mentor to my friend Brandi. She and I will be collaborating into a mini-business if you will. 
I know you're shaking your head and saying "Don't do it!" I'm certain our friendship will not be harmed by this. I am the originator of this idea and I will be doing all of the basic upkeep of the business (website, photoblog, facebook, etc) so I'm pretty sure Brandi and I will be able to collaborate very well. I look forward to working with her.

I will be keeping everyone updated on these changes as they happen. Thank you to my family, close friends, and especially my boyfriend for the support you've shown me in these decisions.

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