Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's the simple things in life... {6-2}

It's Thursday, which means I'm about to tell you the simple things in life that make it extraordinary. This gives me a chance to sit down, relax, unwind, and reflect on just how blessed I am. Want to do it too? Just go to Jesslyn Amber's Simple Things blogs and link up!

{-} Having the best co-workers. I know that money, jobs, etc usually do not fall under the "simple things". In this case, it's the little things they do that make earning minimum wage so worth it. Bekah, Jordan, Chuck, Hannah Banana, Andrea, Andrew, I love them all! I could ring their necks some of the time, but the fact that we'd probably hurt someone over each other is humbling.

{-} People who keep their word, and when they don't, they apologize and try their hardest to make it up to you. Now, most of you know I'm talking about a car dealership here, but the point here is that they could not keep their promise to me (not their fault) and they made my life so much easier even though they couldn't. Businesses who remember their customers are human are few and far between.

{-} Family, friends, and a love that will drop everything they're doing and come to my rescue.  Every time, without thinking twice.

{-} A boyfriend who will talk about the future with me and not be scared. Whether it be about tomorrow, two months ahead, or 40 years down the road.  ♥

{-} A college classmate tagging me in a post about how moving into my old dorm for the summer made him remember study nights from our first few months in college. Nostalgia.

{-} Being able to talk to my mother, even when we think the other is pe-od. And even when we disagree, we find a way to agree. (Over Mexican food, of course...)

The Simple Things

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