Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 354

A mini-rant is about to take place. You've been warned.

To the lady who I made TWO orders of breadsticks for tonight, I'm going to pray for you. And the next poor waiter/waitress that serves you. 

I had the decency tonight to not only take your order 15 minutes before we were closing, but when you complained that your breadsticks that you only wanted cooked lightly (with no brown whatsoever on the cheese, even though breadsticks are obviously brown) were still too done after 2 minutes in a 6 minute oven and they were also not cheesy enough, I went back to the kitchen and remade your order myself so that our cook could do his job and clean up for the night. When I came back to your table to tell you it'd be 2 minutes, you told me "We can't even eat as a family now. Just forget it." Your breadsticks were going to be out of the oven in precisely 90 seconds, and I'm sure your 8 year old daughter and nice husband were not going to outeat you that quickly. 

So there we sat with 2 sickenly doughy orders of breadsticks. 

To my boss, who I appreciate so much for allowing me to keep my job at home despite being at UT. I didn't want you to lose over $10 in food, so I paid for one of those orders and took it home, even though I'd already ate there once today. Just so you wouldn't be out any more money. While your manager took the other one home for free. 

I'm not the best waitress in the world, but I've been doing this for 3 years and I know what it takes to make my customers happy. I'm not the girl who deserves to go home with $8 in her pocket after 5.25 hours of waitressing. Especially when my amount of tables is more than that.

Tip your waitresses. They remember.

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