Saturday, July 16, 2011

I just couldn't help myself.

So I know I threw everyone off with these changes! It's not like I have tons of readers, but the ones that are faithful to me are probably welcoming this. I couldn't resist going ahead and changing the name and layout a little early! I was going to wait and do it little by little during my blogoversary week, but I got it all (mostly) done ahead of schedule so I why not post it? I'm hoping to invest in my domain soon, but we'll see how many monies are left in my piggy bank after my vacation.

Plus, since this blog is going to start containing more of the love of my life, I figured it'd be neat to post it on our 46th month anniversary. (Yes, I still count months. I'll probably stop at 4 years, promise.) I'm sure Jw will appreciate the gesture. Hopefully, this will be the limit of my gushyness today. However, I cannot make any promises.

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