Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's the simple things in life... {7-14}

It's Thursday, which means I'm about to tell you the simple things in life that make it extraordinary. This gives me a chance to sit down, relax, unwind, and reflect on just how blessed I am. Want to do it too? Just go to Jesslyn Amber's Simple Things blogs and link up!

{-} My boyfriend talking to me until midnight when that day he had been in work at 4:30am and hadn't slept since. And I was grumpier than he.

{-} The support I get from my friends on facebook after I speak my mind. It's nice to know people that I've grown apart from since high school still believe in me.

{-} My momma baking blueberry muffins for me to come home to after work. Mommas just know...

{-} My momma buying Jw and I a tent for us to use when we go camping.

{-} My momma in general. Does she count as a "simple" thing?

{-} Those random harry potter statuses from my nerd friends! I'm sad to say this is the first movie since Prisoner of Azkaban that I'm not going to see at the midnight showing! I have my reasons, but I'm still so sad! 

The Simple Things

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Trish said...

i love all the HP posts & pics everyone is putting up too! and your mom can count as a simple thing ... why not?! :)