Thursday, September 29, 2011

Free Mini Photo Book!

Hey guys! I know most of yall that read this are CRAZY about photos. I ran across an offer today that I couldn't pass up. 

Click here to go to My Publisher where you can put in your email address and get a coupon code for a free mini photo book and free shipping! It's tiny and only holds 21 photos, but it's PERFECT for some photos I wanted to carry around in my purse just to get them off my computer and show them off!

Hurry, the last day you can get your coupon code is tomorrow!

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Amy said...

Hey! I am doing a series on becoming an elementary school teacher. I thought of you because I think you're the only other elementary ed blogger I know of! Thought you might want to check it out, and I'm also curious about your experiences/ motivations for becoming a teacher! :) I know you're probably super busy, but if you are interested in guest posting for me about it, shoot me an email!