Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm not to be trusted.

I've been a bad, bad blogger. But guess who is now a student at Tennessee Technological University! (insert squeal of excitement and sigh of relief here) I've made the difficult transfer, finally. As my mother-in-law to be said one day, I've been jumping through hoops to get home. And they're all on fire

And for her next act, ringmaster Ciara will attempt to tame the lion of TTU financial aid.

Mission accepted.

If you know me personally, and I've seemed blank, angry, or just plain mean, I promise it's not on purpose. You see, whatever lobe controls my facial movements/expressions seems to be underdeveloped.

99% of the time I look like so...

On the inside, I'm doing something more along the lines of this:

It's probably a good thing that my emotions don't complement my mindset on a regular basis. I wouldn't be a pretty sight.

So if you see me in public and am blankly staring along, I'd MUCH appreciate it if you snapped me out of my delirium.

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Amy said...

congrats on your transfer! Where are you in your program? I just started the elementary ed program at BYU and I feel like all I do is homework, it is SO much work!! But it's exciting to know we'll be teachers someday soon. :)