Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Day Thirteen: A Date you Would Love to Go On

Wow, that's a toughie. A date that I would love to go on is any date with Jw. Between his 2 jobs, my job, my morning classes, his evening classes,  and homework in that mess we're lucky to see each other at all! But if I had to pick, my ideal date would be something interactive. I love bowling, skating, or even golf.

One date Jw and I haven't done yet is going hunting together, so I suppose that's my answer!

I'm an awful shooter, I'll admit. But, coming from the south, I know some things about firearms. (Beware.) Jw and I are supposed to go hunting together, but in 4 years we just haven't ever found the time.

And I've been reluctant to give up hours of sleep and abandon my warm covers for cold wind.

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Elizabeth said...

My little Facebook and Tennessee friend! :)

That actually sounds like so much fun! Mike doesn't hunt....well, he's gone before but it's not a hobby or anything. I think I'd just like to watch...I'd leave the shooting and possible killing up to him! lol ;)

OH! And I left you a little something on my post from tonight! Woop woop!! :)