Friday, October 28, 2011


Day Sixteen: Three Things You're Proud of About Your Personality

1. I'm contradictory. I feel like I'm a good balance between many things.  I know this is often confusing: one minute I'm the meekest girl you've ever met, and the next I'm talking a mile a minute. I'm blunt and to the point most of the time, but when a time calls for it, I can be more soft-spoken. I'm loud sometimes, and I'm quiet others. I am patient when I need to be, but I can stand up to people other times. I guess what I can say here is that I adapt VERY well to different situations. I'm rarely uncomfortable in an odd situation - and if I am, I'm not going to show it.

2. I'm critical. I am confident, but very strict on myself. I accept nothing but the best. Getting Bs in college kills me. Someone being better than me at sports was one of my biggest annoyances. I never half-did everything. I was that kid that when she did something new, she didn't piddle in it - she dove in headfirst, determined to be the best around her.  I'm still like that. I guess I'm a bit overly competitive, too.

3. I'm caring. As much as I put up this act that I'm hard-hearted, I'm actually one of the biggest softies you'll ever meet. I put up a guard because I don't like being taken advantage of. Seeing friends hurt or people doing without just hurts me down to the soul. And I absolutely hate it even more when there's nothing I can do.

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