Saturday, October 29, 2011


Day Seventeen: Things That Make you Scared

Just to get this out there, spiders are my biggest enemy. 'cept Daddy long legs. Those are cool in my book.

I also have a huge fear of driving in the snow. I live in a little place called the Upper Cumberland. Here, when it snows, it doesn't really snow. It rainssleetssnowsices. We get the winter mix nearly every.dang.time. I drive this little Pontiac that was not exactly built for that kind of thing. And where does Ciara reside? On top of a freakin' mountain! (Okay, maybe not a mountain, but it's a reaaaaaaaly big hill.)

Rewind to last winter. I had just gotten off work. 10:30 I'm heading home. 10 minutes later, heading up a place we call Columbus Hill, my car decides it doesn't want to make it up that icy mess and starts sliding to the left - towards a nice little drop-off. I panic, and somehow in my awful mindset manage to downshift my car, slowly hit the brakes, and grab the ebrake. Nice, my car was stopped, but there was no way in heck that I was going back down that hill to try to gain enough speed to get up it. There was a pit of death right outside my door.

So what does a girl do? Call daddy. Who is 50+ miles away.

And then realizes it's better to call her step-dad who is 10 minutes away.

Long story short, my step-dad got my car (and me!) to safety. I was an emotional wreck and nothing bad had happened.

I'm really dreading winter.

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