Sunday, October 30, 2011


Day Eighteen: Disrespecting Parents
As a child, I was one of the meekest you could find. Mostly because my parents made me very aware of the circumstances if I acted out - and the worst ones were for when I disrespected them. My parents did whip me, and I didn't turn out awful. And I didn't behave out of solely fear (although sometimes that was the case.)

Note to my professors who might stumble upon this: I am not an advocate for whipping as being a parent's only tool for behavior modification. I'm only believe that it should be in that toolbox somewhere. It doesn't make everyone crazed, violent maniacs.

*steps off soapbox*

Enter adolescence. Something happened to me. Mom and I were at it all the time. And yeah, I was a teenager and still getting my butt whipped. (And I probably will until I'm 50...)

I look back at it now, and I'm ashamed that I did all of that to my mom (and in more moderation, to my dad.) It seems all really silly that I did it - especially what motivated me to rebel against mom. For years, it was just me and her. Yeah, dad was there, but essentially I was with mom 99% of the time. I wish I could go back to those 2 years that I went crazy and show 15-year old Ciara the point of view of almost-legal-to-drink Ciara. You wouldn't think much would change in 5 years, but it does.

I appreciate my parents so much more than I did as a teenager. And I'll probably appreciate them even more throughout the years.

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