Sunday, October 16, 2011


Day Four: What do you usually wear to bed?

Now, now, before anyone gets excited, I will not be posting a photo of myself in my Mickey Mouse night shirt, dull purple pants, and pink heart house-slippers. I know, I deprive my readers. Anywhoooo, I can assure you that I pull it off. ;)

Despite the above being not-so-exaggerated, I do just normally wear what the heck I can find or what is given to me. I'm a big fan of fleece pajamas. Especially with the upcoming chilly weather. 

And as a sidenote, I checked my dresser. I also have chipmunk, Minnie Mouse, and peppermint pajamas. But then the inevitable 4 different sets of mickey pajamas. How do I accumulate such an embarrassing but adorable pajama wardrobe?

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