Monday, October 17, 2011


Day Five: Five Things That Irritate You About the Opposite Sex/Same Sex

1. Insecurity: If you don't think you're beautiful, you're wrong.
2. Self-respect: If you don't respect yourself, why expect others to respect you?
3. Drama: I'm surprised I didn't say this first.
4. Assimilation: Don't just do/say/be that because girls are 'supposed' to. Push boundaries. Test stereotypes.
5. Leggings: They're not pants. Kthanks.

1. Period: It's not gross, it's natural. Grow up.
2. Sandwich jokes: I'm not a feminist, and it's still not funny.
3. Poop: Yes, we do it. Just like you. Face it. 
(Yes, I actually know guys who don't believe that girls poop. Wtf, right?)
4.  Nails: Yes, washing underneath them is necessary. Only forgiven if you work on a farm or with really dirty stuff every day.
5. Double Standards: Just don't have them. K?

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