Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Day Twenty: The Last Argument you Had

It was 2 Sundays ago. I'm not even sure what sparked the argument.

It's really stressful for Jw and to have to wait to get married until I graduate college. I most likely will not be graduating until May 2014, possibly December 2013. (I REALLY hate my major sometimes.) Of course, we're worried about how everything's going to work. But, all in all, we're fed up with this waiting game. Yeah, we've only been engaged 3 months although we wanted to be engaged about 2 years ago, but out of respect for (or fear of) our parents, we decided it was a bad idea.


I don't even remember what is was over or what was said. I can remember looking at my left hand and thinking "I can't give up now. We're worked too hard to get here." And at the same time I wanted to throw in the towel to our wedding dreams. We're already tired of waiting (and to think, we could possibly have 31 more months to wait! That means I wouldn't even begin planning for 19 months!) We really want this. And I think it could work. But I can't make myself happy and everyone else happy too.

{To our family who reads this, no, we're not gonna run off or anything. Just know - we hate this. But we want your approval.}

Ever have those fights with someone just because you're both stressed? Not because there's really any reason to argue, but just because you feel like blowing off steam? We've done that once or twice. At least it makes us feel better in the long run.

I'd like to know we're not the only crazy couple out there.

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