Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Day Twenty-one: Something you Can't Seem to Get Over

Gee, my blog is going to start being about relationships and past relationships. I suppose I'm a real bore to read sometimes. Sorry girls!

My ex made our breakup harder than it had to be. And I suppose I underestimated how much all those words he said afterwards would hurt. I only dated two guys after I broke up with him. The first, a guy named Aaron, believed every word he said, but the moment my ex said something severely offensive (and in front of my momma, no less), Aaron was up at my guard.

Jw, of course, was another story. Jw and my ex were best friends. And when Jw and I started dating, my ex didn't seem to like it. He told his new little girlfriends things who made my life hell to telling everyone I was crazy, controlling, and basically everything in the book. Thank God Jw had enough sense to not believe a WORD of it. Let's just say it all was the ultimate end of their friendship.

I just can't get over how someone who was my best friend for years could say anything he wanted and not feel guilty. And I also can't get over how those things were the demise of their friendship. I feel like I'm to blame for the latter.

But then again, it didn't make that choice, he did.

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