Sunday, November 6, 2011


Day Twenty-five: 10 Ways to Win Your Heart

1. Play video games with me. And don't let me win. I'm competitive.
2. Don't expect me to eat like a bird. I love food and almost always go back for seconds after a whole plate.
3. Actually read my blog. (You'd be surprised stuff Jw's learned from this thing...)
4. Let me drive your vehicle. If that doesn't scream "I trust you", then I'm not sure what does.
5. Take photos with me. I look at certain photos every day.
6. Be good at sticking to a budget. I'm all about living within my means (something I must've got from mom, because dad blows money like crazy...)
7. Play an instrument. Specifically brass. No trombone players, please.
8. Compliment me when I wear my old jerseys and softball shorts.
9. Let me wear your old football jersey as a nightshirt. (Love this.)
10. Be a man of God. Honor him, yourself, and me. Do this, and you'll be golden.

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