Friday, November 11, 2011


Day Thirty: Things That Changed This Month and What You Hope Will Happen Next Month

I got more than 50 followers, then 4 changed their minds. Initially, I was upset. But this blog is for me, not them.

My laptop was hacked and infected. Thankfully, I back up my computer like a madwoman so I only lost week-old files. And plus, it gave me the chance/forced me to re-organize and re-vamp my desktop!

I really like this bamboo theme I found here.

I got another job. I'm now a table-waitin', teacher-subbin', clothes-sellin' college student. Yep, I am Cookeville Kmart's newest Softlines Associate!

I wore leggings. Not as pants, though. As I was getting ready this morning, I realized the sweater dress I was wearing did not breach my personal rule. It was as long as if I were wearing shorts. So HAH!

Okay, here it doesn't look as long. (And pay no attention to the paint chipping on my door panel.)

For the coming month...

I hope I get into all the classes I need - 17 hours here I come.
I hope my 3 jobs are nice to each other - and me.
I hope to capture more fall fun with my fiance.
I hope to plan a bonfire for my friends. (Anyone up for a good game of Cry Wolf?)
I hope that I'll keep blogging regularly without some sort of meme! Hah.

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Amy said...

three jobs! Wow! and I totally agree with your personal rule on leggings.. you go girl. ;)