Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hello? Anyone still out there? I doubt it...

I've been missing from here for several weeks now. I've had an eventful ol' time with school, work, and whatnot. To catch yall up, I'll list some stuff that's happened since I blogged last.

I made turkey treats with the girls. We had a blast - and a sugar rush.

Thanksgiving came and went. I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, as I do every year. (♥ Snoopy) I worked 12-9, which I was kind of sad about. However, I work with some wonderful women and they kept me smiling the whole day.

I received the nail polish and scarf from Susan. I have to say, it had never crossed my mind to wear gray nail polish, but oh wow am I in love. There's so many possibilities. (I'm going shopping soon to find some good glitter polish to experiment with...) I immediately posted a photo of the bottle to facebook and a friend saw it and had to have some! (Kudos, Suze) And the scarf was gray and green (muh fave) with a tinge of gold tones. Of course, I dug out an outfit to match it the next day.  (It was a sad day when I started writing this and realized I hadn't taken a picture.)

I got SiriusXM radio back. I was just scrolling through the channels from my steering wheel, not paying attention, and next thing I know I hear some Savage Garden. (Which never happens with the stations in Cookeville, ever.) Cha-ching! They had given me a promotional package o f a free month and 6 months for $25. Ohhhh how I love satellite radio.

Jozie turned 10.

I watched Christmas movies. This one reminds me of my UT roommate, Evelyn. She always favored the cartoon over the movie. And after being away from a person who challenged my outlooks on many things, I have to agree with her.

I got my thirty-one order back! I would've included the rest in the photo, but some are gifts! And I just love my new tote! It came just in time for me to carry it to the last day of classes!

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