Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's Wednesday! That means it's time to tell you what's currently making my life lovely. Head on over to This Kind Of Love to see what it's all about!

{1} I'm loving... my new apartment! Yes, I got my own place here in Cookeville. This has been the main reason I haven't blogged in forever. Jw and I have both been working our tails off for the wedding and other things that we haven't even had time to fully move in. 

{2} I'm loving... my sweet puppy, Gunner. Remember Tyson? Well, he is no longer with us. He went missing in the winter and it turns out a neighbor killed him. I was distraught for a long time. Then, as an early Valentine's day present, he surprised me with another Boxer pup that we were gonna adopt.

This was us on his first night at his new home!

{3} I'm loving... Spotify!

{4} I'm loving... MW3. I swore I wouldn't get sucked into ANY Call of Duty game. I was so wrong.

{5} I'm loving... my wonderful fiancĂ©, as always!

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