Tuesday, February 19, 2013

101 in 1001

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days. 

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific with a result, that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching.

Start Date: Tuesday, February 19, 2013
End Date: Sunday, November 17, 2015
This is also our 3 year wedding anniversary. =)

  1. Graduate College
  2. Travel outside the contiguous United States
  3. Donate some of my hair to a good cause
  4. Update my photography equipment
  5. Join an education-related association or club
  6. Fit body, fit mind
  7. Scrutinize my closet and donate, store, or toss all the things I never wear
  8. Go to a Nashville Predators game with Jw
  9. Run a 5K
  10. Participate in a benefit/charity run or walk
  11. Adopt a child, family, or person for Christmas
  12. Move into our own place
  13. Update our livingroom furniture
  14. Update our television
  15. Own 5 Caldecott Award Winners
  16. Enter a photography contest and place
  17. Host my own giveaway
  18. Go a month without buying any new makeup, nail polish, lotions, or body sprays
  19. Visit Michigan with Jw
  20. Get a new cell phone
  21. Get a personalized piece of jewelry
  22. Have my own handwriting font made
  23. Get my boating license
  24. Increase the weight I can squat (currently 45lb for 15 reps, max 55lb at 8 reps)
  25. Increase the weight I can bench (currently 45lbs)
  26. Be professionally fitted for a bra, and actually wear the right size
  27. Complete a No Spend Month
  28. Watch my alma mater's band play a concert
  29. Go to an amusement park I've never visited
  30. Get a new job / get promoted
  31. Purchase a domain
  32. Actually fill our wedding albums
  33. Say "yes" to something I would normally not do
  34. Finish an Amish book series
  35. Make a "workout" journal and actually complete it for at least a week
  36. Complete 5 pinterest-inspired DIY projects
  37. Pray for someone I dislike
  38. Fill a mason jar with loose change and take it to the bank
  39. Update to a better Photoshop
  40. Find a "home" church with Jw
  41. No fast food for at least two weeks
  42. Go Geo-caching
  43. Start paying off our student loans
  44. Make a list of 101 things that make me happy
  45. Finally go on a "honeymoon"
  46. Take my stepfather to see his first concert
  47. Visit my grandpa's grave
  48. Have a day with minimal technology (no tv, cell phone, or cellphone)
  49. Prestige (again) on Call of Duty
  50. Catalog all my barbies
  51. Dye my hair
  52. Actually "get ready" and look nice for a whole school/work week and document it
  53. No soft drinks for a week
  54. Nail a 2 minute wallsit (Currently at 1:05; yeah, I'm weak)
  55. Have a BMI between 18 and 21
  56. Win a competition or giveaway
  57. Get a new pet
  58. Ride a horse again (it's been 5 or so years)
  59. Build a snowman with Jw
  60. Go ice skating with Jw
  61. Weigh 125
  62. Weigh 122
  63. Go fishing with Jw and outfish him
  64. Buy Jw a toolbox and make him actually use it
  65. Plan a surprise date for Jw
  66. Finally finish the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind"
  67. Trace back all sides of my family at least 5 generations
  68. Start a new savings and don't touch it until the end of this project
  69. Dig out all video game consoles and buy missing cords [and play, if wanted ;)]
  70. Have a yardsale
  71. Transfer this whole list to dayzeroproject.com
  72. Make more than minimum wage
  73. Take each parent out to dinner and pay for it
  74. Give up facebook for a week
  75. Have over 500 blog posts
  76. Have over 550 blog posts
  77. Tell someone about Christ and not feel guilty about being "pushy"
  78. Pay it forward, some way, some how
  79. Learn a new recipe from my mom
  80. Get our family portrait(s) made
  81. Host a family BBQ
  82. Try 3 new Subway sandwiches
  83. Import CD collection; delete unused music
  84. Throw someone a surprise birthday party
  85. Bake something new
  86. Go through facebook and delete old applications & friends
  87. Write my regrets, mistakes, and fears and burn them
  88. Write a wish/prayer/letter, tie it to a balloon, and let it go
  89. Chase a rainbow in search of its end
  90. Watch the sun set from a roof
  91. Get new bed linens
  92. Rake a pile of leaves and jump in them
  93. Finish the "Fearless: A Six Week Journey" bible reading plan
  94. Get a personalized mobile cover
  95. Go to the Art Mill
  96. Watch the entire "Avatar: The Last Airbender" series
  97. Buy something  where a portion of the proceeds go to a charity
  98. Have Jw a quilt made out of his old jerseys and band shirts to match mine
  99. Build a hope chest with my stepdad/Jw
  100. Write a letter to someone who changed my life
  101. Put $5 in savings for every goal met.


Laura J said...

Wow, that's a lot to do, but they all seem pretty awesome. I 42, 51, 57, 77,87, & 88! Love the idea :) xx

Jessica Simmons said...

So I have gone through your list and I believe that you are amazing! Thanks for stumbling across my blog because I believe you may be my sister from another mister!