Monday, July 8, 2013

#46 - Done!

#46 is "Take my stepfather to see his first concert" 

The reasoning behind this goal was the fact that my stepdad (whose age I will not post on here - given he's half a century old - oops) had NEVER been to a concert. Nope. Never. Ever.

Having been to 45384509384 myself in my 20+ years of being, I found this difficult to believe.

Welp, I took my country boy of a stepdad to his first concert - Tracy Lawrence! It was only fitting as we all know I'm obsessed. I was taught well from an early age. Went to my first Tracy concert before I could talk!

Needless to say, I was excited when I purchased four tickets to see my main man at a venue a mere THIRTY miles from my hometown. Mom, Jw, my step-dad, and I made our way to Rodeo Bob's in Cookeville and had a good ole time!

I'd post a photo of my mom and stepdad, but he blinked in every photo I took! Ha.

Much love to Tracy. Love your music. Love your voice. Will always be your #1 fan!

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