Wednesday, August 7, 2013

#12, #13, & #14 - DONE!

#12 is "Move into our own place"
#13 is "Update our living room furniture"
#14 is "Update our television"

Muchas gracias a mi amiga Mychal.

This has been a huge work in progress for us! We've been working on this house since late April. You'd think since we've been slaving away on it this long that it'd look a lot, well, better. Unfortunately we got this house in what I would consider the worst of conditions. Even my own mother was doubtful that we could make this home work. It was an old FHA home built in the late 60s. The last tenants of this house ransacked it. Everything had to go:

Carpet. Flooring. Walls. Paint. Cabinets. Countertops. Vents. Doors. All new. The only few original things left is the paneling in the hallway/kitchen and the bathroom vanity. The house is just now starting to take shape as a "home".

It's a three bedroom, 1 bath, 2 story home. Unfortunately one bedroom did not have a closet and was far too small to build one in, so we are in the process of transforming one into an office. The other bedroom is the "guest bedroom", but it kind of looks more like a disaster area. And we could definitely use another bathroom. Maybe we'll build one in the basement.

In all this mess, we got a new TV and new couch and rocking chair. So I consider this a win/win/win.

Not to mention a cute little addition to go in here. As of tomorrow. Stay tuned in. ;)

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