Tuesday, December 24, 2013

20 weeks + Gender!

Sorry, I don't have a photo for you this week. I have felt rather unattractive in everything I wear, so I've been dodging cameras.

Stats: 20 weeks, 2 days
Fruit or veggie comparison: banana
Weight gain: About 14 pounds. BIG difference from the last time I was at the doctor. About time I started gaining weight though.
Cravings: pizza rolls. ice cold water.
Aversions: Pledge furniture polish. Weird, I know. But I dust a lot and I cannot take the smell of this stuff right now!
Energy/Sleep: Sleep is getting better. I can sleep on my left side for most of the time no problem. I still wake up on my back, but with a little less discomfort. Getting out of bed is proving to be a new challenge for me. My loss of ab muscles makes it impossible to just sit up now.
Excitement: We know the gender!


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